Sexual Freedom Hypnosis

Advance the modern way!

The sexual dysfunctions market is worth 7.7 Million Dollars

If you are a qualified hypnotherapist you can specialise in this fast growing and rewarding niche.

Up to forty percent of your existing clients have a sexual dysfunction!

In fact recent studies have shown that up to thirty percent of men and forty percent of women have a sexual dysfunction, most  people have no idea where to go for help or the help available to them is very old fashioned and based on very outdated theories of human sexuality and norms.

Sexual freedom is one of the most rewarding, interesting, lucrative and unsaturated hypnotherapy markets.

Sexual freedom has many niche areas within a niche, you may wish to specialise with couples, individuals, L.G.B.T., Kink-friendly, or just cover the whole sexual freedom niche.

Grow your business and change lives

You can be at the forefront of modern hypnosis have a globally reaching business, be part of a supportive network of therapists; and change both your and you clients’ lives for the better.

By taking this specialist workshop you can:

Facilitate sexual freedom for your clients!
Create new clients for your business!
Work in the fascinating area of human sexuality!
Be Listed as a Sexual Freedom practitioner!
Have the knowledge, skills, support to work in this area!
Make a real difference to your clients relationships!
Have specialist knowledge working with the L.G.B.T. community!
Obtain specialized knowledge working with the kink community!