CONTROL Practitioner

Live online training on Zoom

Date: 29 - 30 August and 19-20 September

Days: 4

Hours: 10am - 5pm (CET)

Price: 1175 Euro

Early Bird: 1075 Euro

Language: English

The CONTROL Acadamy

The CONTROL Academy has been recognised as a Centre of Excellence by The Complementary Medical Association (The CMA). This means that we are proud to say that we hold full Training School Membership of The Complementary Medical Association.  This Membership is highly prestigious, and it demonstrates our commitment to the very highest standards of excellence in training courses – and our dedication to supporting you, as our Student.

When you successfully complete the CONTROL Practitioner training, you will be eligible to apply for Full Membership of The Complementary Medical Association and will be entitled to use the letters MCMA after your name. In fact as soon as you begin your training you can join in The CMA’s Student Membership category and upgrade to Full MCMA Membership as soon as you graduate.

Could you become a CONTROL Practitioner?

Do you enjoy working with people?

Do you love helping others achieve their goals?

Are you looking for a more fulfilling career path?

Find out if becoming a CONTROL Practitioner is the right step for you.

CONTROL system creator Tim Box is now training brand new CONTROL Practitioners worldwide.

Having used the system to help hundreds of one to one clients, in 2016 Tim started training other practitioners in this fast and effective method for change, showing them not just how to apply the system, but how to run sessions, manage the client relationship and build a successful practice.

These trainings are aimed at both existing complementary health practitioners and those who are brand new to therapeutic work and would like to change
their career.

Practitioner training FAQ's

What’s so good about CONTROL?

CONTROL takes some of the most direct and effective skills of the hypnotherapist and streamlines them into a simple and dynamic method helping people change and improve. With no need for excessive analysis and no use of trance it goes straight for the result in the shortest route possible and does so whilst amazing and inspiring the client in the process.

Is CONTROL Hypnotherapy?

Whilst CONTROL utilises hypnosis techniques and principles, there is no trance hypnosis involved in the process and as such differs from traditional hypnotherapy. Whilst the term ‘hypnotherapist’ is an accurate way of describing a CONTROL Practitioner, the preferred term is Remedial Hypnotist.

Will I learn hypnosis?

All CONTROL Practitioners leave their training as certified hypnotists and will take away with them the skills needed to hypnotise in any situation.

Is CONTROL Accredited?

Yes. CONTROL is accredited via the Academy of Hypnotic Arts (aka Hypnoarts).

Is the CONTROL Practitioner training accredited?

The CONTROL Academy is recognised by the Complementary Medical Association as a Centre of Excellence.

Graduates of the Practitioner training are eligible to apply for Full Membership of The Complementary Medical Association and entitled to use the letters MCMA after their name.

Can I get insured with my CONTROL Practitioner qualification?

Yes. The CONTROL System is a method recognised and insured by Therapists Insurance. (

The CONTROL System is also recognised by many other insurance companies.

How long will it take to complete the training?

That depends on you. Students are given 6 months from the end of the second training weekend to complete case studies, although we have had some complete faster than that (the current record is just under five weeks).

What does the training consist of?

You will attend two intensive training weekends. They are set a month apart with home study and practice in between. You will then be asked to complete five case studies for a final Practitioner review which happens 1-2-1 with Tim once all elements are complete.

Is qualification guaranteed?

Qualification depends on you. Anyone that puts the work in should qualify, however attendance does not guarantee achievement. The CONTROL System is Tim Box’s method of change and as such he will only award certification to those he feels understand and can implement the process to his standards. Any trainee that fails to complete the case studies or meet the required standard in the time allowed will be required to repeat elements of the training. This further training would be provided at no further cost to the trainee.

Can I learn this if I have no other therapeutic training or experience?

Absolutely. People from all walks of life are studying to be CONTROL Practitioners and for many it is the only system they use.

Will I need to work on myself?

Yes. Learning to create change in others starts with being able to create change in yourself. The journey of becoming a CONTROL Practitioner involves a great deal of self development and improvement.

Do I receive ongoing support?

Yes. The CONTROL family is there to support all practitioners and Tim runs monthly mentoring and supervision events (both face to face and online) to make sure all practitioners have the ongoing support they need to implement the system effectively and run a successful practice. CONTROL Practitioners also receive a listing on the CONTROL System website so that people in their area can find them to utilise their services.

All trainees get the opportunity to spend a day with Tim or one of the CONTROL Presenters

facilitating as part of the team on a one day workshop. Once qualified the newly certified CONTROL Practitioner will have the option of spending a day with Tim in clinic observing how his work.

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