Ultimate Deep Trance Work

You will experience the phenomenon of hypnotic amnesia, even if you were never able to forget anything in hypnosis before.

You will reach visual hallucination even if you think it is impossible for you.

You will increase the clarity and detail of your hypnotic regressions.

You will learn to anaesthetize your body on demand even if your pain threshold is very low.

You will experience deep somnambulism.

All of the above you will be able to produce easily for ALL of your clients!

And beyond that:

You will minimize unpredictability in your hypnotherapy sessions so that you have full control over them.

You will increase the dynamics and intensity of your clients’ experiences.

You will increase the effectiveness of your hypnotherapy practice.

You will free yourself from the stress caused by customers who “just don’t get it”.

You will facilitate the therapeutic work of yourself and your clients.