Ultimate Deep Trance Work

Who is Michał Cieślakowski?

Born in 1982.

Hypnotherapist, international speaker and hypnosis instructor.

Invited many times as a presenter to the most important universities in Poland (Warsaw University, Warsaw School of Economics), to the largest Polish TV stations (TVP, TVN), international hypnosis conventions (Sao Paulo, Zurich, Belo Horizonte, London, New York, Las Vegas) and to the most successful commercial companies (Coca Cola co., Procter & Gamble)

In the hypnosis industry since 2004.

Hypnosis expert in working with sleep and dreams.

Creator of his own methods of using hypnosis to obtain lucid dreams and to sleep in extreme systems of polyphasic sleep (2 hours a day).

Author of several specialistic hypnosis workshop programs:”Medical Hypnosis”,”Business Hypnosis”,”Ultimate Deep Trance Work”,”Self-Hypnosis of the 21st century”.

He created his own company called Barwy Umysłu (Colours of the Mind), where he has already hypnotized thousands of people on a global scale and trained several hundred.

Expert in experimental hypnosis, working with deep hypnosis and phenomena of deep hypnotic trance.


What benefits will I experience by attending this workshop?

You will experience the phenomenon of hypnotic amnesia, even if you were never able to forget anything in hypnosis before.

You will reach visual hallucination even if you think it is impossible for you.

You will increase the clarity and detail of your hypnotic regressions.

You will learn to anaesthetize your body on demand even if your pain threshold is very low.

You will experience deep somnambulism.

All of the above you will be able to produce easily for ALL of your clients!

And beyond that:

You will minimize unpredictability in your hypnotherapy sessions so that you have full control over them.

You will increase the dynamics and intensity of your clients’ experiences.

You will increase the effectiveness of your hypnotherapy practice.

You will free yourself from the stress caused by customers who “just don’t get it”.

You will facilitate the therapeutic work of yourself and your clients.

What will I learn?

The foundations of a deep hypnotic trance and E=MC2 of hypnosis.

All about small fears that prevent people from entering a deep hypnotic state and how to get rid of them

                the little fear behind the will power

                the little fear behind the analytical function

                the little fear behind the working memory

                the little fear behind the rational function

Optimization of the hypnotic contract and how to test it.

The difference between lazy relaxation and active relaxation.

                the little fear behind lazy relaxation

Immediate hand levitation, i. e. direct access to the functions of habits function of a subconscious mind.

Hypnosis with whole oneself or “how to not make hypnosis in part”.

The use of automatization in hypnosis processes.

5-step process of achieving the objectives in (and outside) the trance.

Dave Elman induction as a tool for locating blockades from hypnosis.

Achieving amnesia as a key phenomenon of deep Somnambulism.

The most appropriate moments to achieve amnesia

                the inverted little fear of the work memory

Imagination as an insight into the possibilities of the subconscious mind and the possibility of triggering the phenomena of hypnosis.

                the little fear behind the imagination processes

Techniques to collide two visions of hypnosis

Travel into the unknown as a method of making hypnosis for the first time every time

The process of becoming aware: how to open, strengthen and neutralize the blockades connected with it.

                the little fear behind a critical function of a conscious mind

Village of Smurfs: pre-regression technique.

Overcoming “I don’t see anything” problem in regression.

Submodality in work with hypnotic regression.

Optimization of hypnotic anaesthesia

Hallucinations: how to evoke them?

Neutralisation of possible fears:

                the little fear behind loss of authority (honesty)

                the little fear behind of physical relaxation (self-image)


A simple trick with which every demonstration of hypnosis that you are going to make will generate customers for hypnotherapy.

Bonus 2

A never before presented technique that facilitates the release of anger during the forgiveness process.

Plus an additional technique for passing through the process of forgiveness in the most difficult cases

Bonus 3

A brand new and experimental technique of 3-stage fractionation of amnesia, with which you will open your way to a state of mind that has not yet been studied.

Bonus 4

Insight into hypnotist’s pitfalls